History & Mission

Who We Are

Under the care of ten Board Certified/eligible orthopedic surgeons, a team of nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and a growing support staff, Capital Ortho has provided  – for the past 30 years – specialized orthopedic care for patients all over the state.

Through our new, state-of-the-art surgery center in Flowood, our capable surgeons are able to diagnose, treat, perform surgery, and facilitate patient rehabilitation with physical therapy and follow-ups all under the same roof.  At Capital Ortho, we have a knowledgeable team with training in various specialties and subspecialties. Our diverse experience, educational training, and dedication to quality combine to provide complete and convenient patient care, wherever you are.


Where We’ve Been

Capital Ortho – formerly known as Capital Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center -opened in 1990, with the goal of providing high-quality orthopedic care for patients in Jackson and surrounding areas. With a small group of dedicated surgeons, Capital Ortho quickly developed a reputation of treating each patient both ethically and accurately. 

Today, while that small group of surgeons has grown and changed to include ten board-certified/eligible surgeons with varying specialties and subspecialties, we now have the honor of treating the second and third generations of Capital Ortho’s original patients.

Where We’re Going


For the past three decades, thousands of patients and their families have trusted Capital Ortho with their care. This is both a responsibility and honor that we do not take lightly.

Throughout those years, we have grown in many ways and added additional staff and a new comprehensive surgery center. While we will continue to expand our technology and knowledge-base to better care for our existing and new patients, our values and the same mission on which we were founded – to treat each of our patients, to the best of our knowledge and expertise, with care, compassion, and concern – will remain unchanged.

Our Mission

Capital Ortho strives to completely serve the needs of our patients with care and concern, by providing individualized, specialized, and professional treatment in a timely manner.