Jenson Williams

Jenson Williams was in the 9th grade when she first remembers tearing her ACL during a basketball game. After resting her leg for a month, Jenson played in another basketball game and ended the game with a complete ACL tear.

“My favorite sport I participate in is definitely track and that was the next sport after basketball,” said Jenson. “It was upsetting to know that I couldn’t do it anymore. I never thought I would miss sports as much as I did.”

Jenson visited Capital Ortho and then underwent knee surgery under the care and expertise of Dr. Andy Brien. “Dr. Brien not only helped me get better, but he also wanted me to come back stronger after my surgery,” said Jenson. “He never wanted me to have to say, ‘well I had knee surgery’ to anyone.”

Post-surgery recovery wasn’t easy, even for a trained athlete. According to Jenson, it was hard being last in drills that she came in first at prior. However, she put in the work needed to recover, and Jenson is now accomplishing Dr. Brien’s wish for her all along – to come back stronger after surgery.

We’re proud of you, Jenson!