Capital Ortho, formerly known as Capital Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center, has been a staple in Mississippi’s healthcare community for decades. Under the knowledge and care of nine surgeons -Dr. Dulske, Dr. Kennedy, Dr. McCraney, Dr. Brien, Dr. Hosemann, Dr. Kneip, Dr. Futvoye, Dr. Kellum, and Dr. Hendrix – and a growing support staff of industry professionals, Capital Ortho provides general and specialized orthopedic care for patients all over the state.

In addition to their physical locations in Flowood and Madison, Capital Ortho serves thousands of patients each year – with a wide scope of injuries and ailments – through their satellite locations in Forest, Kosciusko, Hazelhurst, and Magee. While each of the surgeons are trained in general orthopedic care, all also bring with them specialized areas of training and years of experience with a diverse customer demographic.

Just shy of their 30-year anniversary and hundreds of thousands of patients later, Capital Ortho has grown over the years to amass a loyal following filled with many long-term patients.  After recently opening and moving to their new state-of-the-art, full service facility in the last year, which is now located at 104 Burney Drive in Flowood, Capital Ortho has been propelled into a state of growth in almost every area – from staff, services, and, ultimately, improved patient care.

“We are excited that Capital Ortho’s patients now have the opportunity to receive outpatient surgery in the clinic and participate in in-house physical therapy, all under the same roof,” said Molly Staley, Marketing Consultant with Capital Ortho. “We are grateful that our new facility allows us to offer a multitude of services in a way that is convenient, accessible, and improves the overall experience of our patients.”

Although their new facility has allowed Capital Ortho the space to grow and expand their existing services, the surgeons are adamant on maintaining their focus of providing quality customer care, with exceptional customer service, along the way. In fact, the only way they hope the growth will impact their customer care is positively.

“Sometimes it good to ask ourselves, ‘Why would people want to come here?’ and then let that answer guide how we want to grow,” said Dr. Chris Kneip, one of the surgeons at Capital Ortho. “I want to grow because people see that we are different- we’re kind, compassionate, and we spend time with our patients. We treat our patients with the same respect and care that we would treat our own family members because once you come to Capital Ortho, you are a part of our Capital Ortho family.”

Dr. Will McCraney, who is also a surgeon at Capital Ortho, echoed his colleague’s statement when he said, “We try to practice medicine in a way that’s not just the academic side; we get involved in our patient’s lives because health is holistic and we take all of those aspects into account when considering treatment plans for them.”

Today, months after the doors of their new location have opened, the culture of care and compassion at Capital Ortho remains unchanged. It is as steady and consistent as it was when they first began almost 30 years ago. At the end of the day, no matter the location, the success of each patient matters to the surgeons and rest of the Capital Ortho staff. Their success matters, because each patient matters.

Because you matter.

“The Bible says that you can be successful by men’s standards and not the Lord’s,” said Dr. Andy Brien, one of the surgeons at Capital Ortho. “It’s not just enough that we grow as a clinic or that our business grows, it matters that we are treating people – to the best of our ability and within our scope of training – in a way that honors the Lord. We are accountable for that.”